Genesis CEI Services

Genesis takes pride in our 20-year history of providing quality construction engineering and inspection services. We are committed to delivering exceptional construction oversight for our clients.

Our team offers extensive experience and deep expertise in construction management including all aspects of project administration, field inspection, materials testing, and technical services associated with transportation systems (roads, highways, bridges, and ITS), municipal infrastructure (utilities, facilities) and site development construction. Whether a project includes landscaping, architectural features, utility installations, or major highway and bridge construction, our highly qualified professionals offer the level of expertise required to assure a successful project.

Our primary responsibility is to ensure that each project is constructed in conformity with approved plans and specifications. At Genesis, our goal is to exceed the standard through early delivery of an exceptional project while protecting the client’s investment and the public's safety.

Achieving this goal has earned us the respect of our clients and, most importantly, a level of trust that we diligently work to maintain every day, on every job.

6 Florida Locations
40 Qualified Personnel
+600 Years of
Combined CE&I
Stabilized Subbase
Stabilized Subbase
Reinforced earth walls require strict conformance with backfill requirements
Reinforced earth walls require strict conformance with backfill requirements