Landscape Design Showcase for Times Building in Downtown Tampa Produces Results


Landscape Design Showcase for Times Building in Downtown Tampa Produces Results

Posted on 2015-10-28 by Jessica Brockmeier

Genesis provides customized design charette for out-of-town client to showcase downtown Tampa project concepts.

Genesis recently hosted an on-site landscape architecture design charette to finalize the design approach and select materials for the renovation of the exterior greenspace at the iconic Times Building in downtown Tampa. This large area will provide outdoor seating for potentially two upscale restaurants under the oak tree canopy, a public art water feature, and extensive landscaping. This event was held during sunset hours in order for the client to fully experience the various lighting options with potential landscape options.

For this event, Genesis staked out the major design elements, including the proposed outdoor seating area, ramps, and water feature to provide an accurate scale and relationship of the design components. Landscape architects, contractors, vendors, and manufacturing representatives were all present on site with the owner to review samples and options for each of the major design elements, which included outdoor lighting (building façade, landscape, pathway lighting), decking, railing, and concrete stain, among others. A landscape nursery also delivered several 20+ foot trees and palms for on-site review and lighting demonstration options.

This hands-on, on-site approach provided the out-of-town client the advantage of seeing design options laid out at the project site. This also produced a time and money saving opportunity for the client in making one trip and avoiding layers of review time. By the end of the evening, the client made his selection on the various design elements which provided the information necessary to proceed with construction documents.

Providing customized design charettes is just another design option Genesis is happy to provide clients, making their busy lives just a little easier.